One of the definitions of art is that it is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. I like it because it puts so much of what I think art is simply into one sentence. Art is so much more that whatever we put on an empty canvas and it’s important to recognize its multidimensionality. By doing so, not only do we highlight the existence of art outside of what/where we normally consider it to be, but we are reminded of the transient nature of the state of things.


It’s difficult to name one’s identity by a single noun, or by what one does at a specific moment; exclusion by naming is dire. I consider art to be part of our humanity, one that develops best when in harmony with our environment. It is our birthright to have room to express ourselves, and with that, push forward new ideas that change the shape of things. 

I become an artist to bring what I experience in other planes to this plane. 

My body is my medium. Not only because it holds the brush that paints the strokes or because dancing is one of my favorite ways to say something. It is my body because, like every other body, it holds the keys to unlock the doorway to the transpersonal experience. It is through our bodies that we activate portals between higher planes of consciousness where we transcend regular limitations and realize what is most important.

My work is a representation of some of my personal experiences of synchronicity, visions and lessons that are reassuring and teach me, & have helped me understand what we are in truth. It seeks to impulse the demystification of important aspects of life that we’ve been conditioned to undermine.