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Updated: May 21, 2020

When I first started releasing negative emotions and using magnets I had some doubts. Accessing the subconscious of someone else through dowsing was new to me. I started practicing with my friends and family members and sometimes in the middle of doing a session I’d ask myself “is this even working?” One time I practiced with my dad and he fell asleep during the session because I took so long. I think I got especially doubtful when I did it to him because he's very skeptical so that energy was running high I guess.

Anyway the more I doubted it the harder it was for me to read the answers. Sometimes the pendulum would feel straight up stiff! But still I got some answers here and there. So I started paying attention to what I was doing when I was getting it right, and then doing more of that. Slowly I realized that the more I believed in what I was doing and trusted the process, the easier it became to get answers. When it got more real for me was when I slowly began to notice the random thoughts that popped into my head as I was asking questions. I wasn’t expecting to get answers other than through the dowsing. I was surprised at how simple it was; I was asking questions, I just had to be willing to listen or to pay attention. Telepathy is transmitting information not only in words, but images, and feelings both physical and emotional too.

I'm truly grateful for what this practice has taught me. Since it was basically an introduction to my psychic self, one that reached beyond the crazy dreams because I began to see dreams while awake.

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