Dance film 5 mins.

Music by Jonah Trager

The trickster archetype shines through carrying with it radical uncertainty and chaos which mirrors the reality that many would say we are living in. Chaos has a negative connotation because of its destructive component. But it reminds us that nothing is permanent, not even death. Chaos also has the potential to unearth and disintegrate things that have been deeply rooted— which is necessary for new forms of life that have not found a footing within pre-existing systems can grow. 

By welcoming sound/dance as a higher ordering of the body, the possibility of the body’s disordering is accepted—and the idea that there is no permanent entity within us is transmitted.

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ZEREZ collab

RIPples is a representation of a trance induced by dance by which the transpersonal experience comes. In this experience, the limits that we regularly perceive change, like in a dream one can be in more than one place at the same time. Whirling has been a form of sacred dance by which, according to Sufism, one of the two forms of death, the so called 'mystical death' can be experienced. 



 A love so pure that expected nothing in return. I exploded. Out of me came thousands, millions of rays of light until I saw myself as a star, sitting in space. I understood that that’s where I am and always will be and that from there, I could go wherever, whenever because every single point in space and time is connected, by the light. 

In mysticism, as in modern physics, light is a recurrent theme, but it wasn’t until I had a direct experience that I began noticing. What you see in this series are depictions of my learning. Each one is a tribute to honor the knowledge that has manifested.