“The day when we shall know exactly what “electricity” is, will chronicle an event probably greater, more important than any other recorded in the history of the human race.” - N. Tesla


On my 25th birthday I attended a ceremony where I was taught a lesson about love. I was shown a line of women: a mom and her daughter, then my grandmother, then my mom, I could feel something building up inside me, and then the dog that lived with us since I was 15 appeared. Her eyes like a well staring back at me, a love so giving that expected nothing in return, pure. I exploded. Out of me came thousands, millions of rays of light until I sitting in space. I understood that that’s where I am and always will be, and that from there, I could go wherever, whenever because every single point in space and time is connected, by the light.


In mysticism, as in modern physics, light is a recurrent theme, but it wasn’t until I had a direct experience that I began noticing. What you see in this series are depictions of my learning. Each one is a tribute to honor the knowledge that has manifested.


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